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ORLIB Limited aims to realize a sustainable and prosperous society by developing a new type of battery that incorporates a unique idea of multi-electron transfer reaction based on lithium-ion battery technology.



​We will be exhibiting at Viva Technology 2024, Europe's largest startup and technology event, to be held in Paris, France.


A patent for a battery that does not use an anode active material has been filed. From its composition, a battery with a short cycle life but extremely high energy density can be obtained.


​Participated remotely and gave a presentation at the event “Tokyo-Thailand, The business Connecting Innovation for EV” held in Bangkok, Thailand


We raised funds with Toyota Boshoku Corporation as the underwriter.


A new electrode coating machine has been introduced at ORLIB​.


A patent about "electrochemical pre-doping under pressure" filed in 2018 (priority date Nov. 2017) has been registered in the United States.

   Patent No. US 11,670,756 B2


The Nihon Keizai Shinbun published an article titled "ORLIB, challenging the new lithium-ion battery" in the era of technologies,


Elucidation of charge-discharge mechanism and research on high energy density for development of organic cathode secondary battery exceeding 500Wh/kg

 -Adopted as a new research project in FY2022 related to the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency's "Security  Technology Research Promotion System"-


Development of pure silicon anode material filled with CSCNT

 ―Realization of a high energy density lithium secondary battery that solves conventional problems―

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